Great Bath Panel Installation thoughts


A collection of ideas on preparation for bathroom remodeling with a bath panel.

Tiling is made proper after the pipe set up, the set up of the tub tub and the door. If the bath panel is completed with tiles, this bath panel may present a route for the bath water to drain. But it is more most popular to a removable panel to make magnetic fasteners (rather sturdy and never lower than four pieces of them).

If plumbing is within the room already, it must be lined with respect to sheets, cardboard, etc. The bathtub is usually coated with plywood (12-18 mm) or a wallpaper board structure, to protect in opposition to accidental fall of rubbish. If the ground has been tiled, it’s necessary to cowl it, too. It is higher to use a moist cloth with you for cleansing dirty arms or tiles.

Seam measurement (between the tiles) will depend on the tile quality (edge roughness) and aesthetic needs. Seams are usually 1.6 to 3 mm wide for giant format ceramic tiles. Using tiles incorporating pegs lets you preserve distance, even between the tiles. Don’t tile the entire wall in sooner or later, as it should have time to develop a powerful place on the wall.

If you are planning several further decorative particulars resembling the usage of borders or entering the tile patterns, it is important to define the place on the wall for these. For the ending of the outer and inside corners particular plastic beads may be applied. They make corners look more attractive. Flexible bars ensure an ideal match with wall and floor tiles. When buying plastic corner bars, one should select it so that the groove size would exceed the tile thickness.

Set up of latest partitions generally is a challenge whether they be brick, moisture-resistant gypsum plaster, concrete or foam. Control of ventilation is important. Wire bonding, water and sewage pipes structure must be thought of. Replacing the towel rail can be a thought. Set particular person valves on hot water, the flush tank and a washing machine. Installation of false ceiling with built-in fixture. Waterproof coating. Plastering. Wall tiling. Installation of the bath. Installation of bathroom equipment. Tiled floor. That’s all. At this level within the lavatory renovation is finished.

For a small rest room, it is attainable to opt for the specially developed applications, mini sanitary gadgets used when there’s less space. There is a particular doll effect the place every little thing seems bigger in contrast with the decreased objects in these bathrooms.

Tiles ought to be strictly vertical hardened, all blocks have to be positioned at the identical level. Suspended or sinking of 1 block relative to a different edge is visually unbearable. There needs to be no voids below the tile blocks. Space between the tiles must be the same everywhere. The tile joints ought to match together and kind a straight line (strictly on the level). Tile patterns must be aligned. Space between the tiles needs to be correctly encapsulated.

Bath Panel Decorating Ideas


Bath Panel Decorating Ideas

Just over 17 years ago we bought our first house. As cash was tight we needed to stretch our budgets and be very creative to avoid irritating the bank manager. This included the usage of our old bath panel as a part of the decor within the front room. As I tell this story I feel how flexible was our bath panel.

Seems like an attention-grabbing problem? Nicely here is the way it was created and how we used that previous bath panel.

The house we purchased is near the city. Both my companion and I had stepped as much as move to this space and decided to get the most effective home we may afford in the perfect area to buy. I believe we had taken to coronary heart the mantra location, location, location with out remembering price, price, price.

As a result, we acquired an actual fixer-higher, which required large renovation. In our new home all the beams and flooring boards had been rotten, the home windows wanted changing plus we wanted new electrical, fuel and heating fittings. The garden was somewhat overgrown, though it did have some nice shrubs in it. All in all we had taken on a large cash circulate risk.

Not be discouraged we redirected our energies into the house. One of the engaging elements of the home was all authentic 1940s features. This included great internal doors stripped and professionally maintained, we also acquired some stunning authentic forged iron fireplaces.

The fireplaces really created a central function in each the eating and living room. However both fireplaces wanted some serious work and desperately needed repair.

We used special chemical compounds to take away all the outdated soot and scorch marks from the fires surrounds. Then we removed and replaced the with new picket surrounds with a rustic feeling, maintaining the overall look.

The problem came when we removed the fireplace in our living room. It appeared really difficult. First we had not obtained much of our limited choice of tiles. The truth is we were taking a look at dozens of tile samples from the finances ranges, though not nicely suited to the entire theme of the room.

It was then that I had an thought impressed a flash of light. A few days before we had teared out and replaced our outdated bathtub within the family bathroom. In truth, at this point the bath panel sat on our driveway waiting to be loaded into a container and taken to the dump. My partner had commented on the gorgeous black marble bath panel and the way it was a shame to dump it. My idea was to take this and lower to make use of as our new hearth fire surround.

Discovering a stonemason just took a quick look by means of an area directory and a few interviews. Im glad we discovered an expert and he not solely minimize it to size, but additionally gave us recommendation on how you can care for a precious new hearth fireside come bath panel.

We put in it quickly. I took a visit to our native discount store and acquired a ceramic tile mosaic matching surround to go to the edge of the hearth itself.

The tip result is glorious and even to this day we find our friends at our home touch upon the beautiful feature fire in our room. Needless to say they at all times shocked when we inform the story of our clean and imaginative use of our outdated bath panel.

Bath Panel Style Pointers to consider

Bath Panel Style Pointers to consider

Wallpapers: faux stone paint lookalikes or strong contemporary designs in limited areas.

Walls: Neutral or strong: latex paint in flat colors – either subtle stone, white, fat or combinations.

Tiles: glazed ceramic tiles plain, white or highly colored, sheet mosaic tiles in ceramic or glass, granite, sandstone, slate, sealed cork.

Windows: Frosted, just replace glass with milky white, reeded, or other effects.

Blinds: Venetians in small metal or wood, flat roller, Roman, pleated blind, simple eyeletted panel.

Carpet: Smooth: pale woods trip, large, plain white or black tiles, stone tiles, linoleum, vinyl or rubber in natural or semi-flat design.

Rugs: shorthair cotton bath mat, bath mat wood slat.

Overall style: simple forms carved in white ceramic and steel bath with granite or wood surround and tiled, flush wood or sheet metal panel.

Furniture: metal or wood or thin metal chair stool, bathtub-shaped stool double as laundry basket, with a reinforced lid that you can sit.

Lighting: High-tech: recessed ceiling spotlights or simple modern central light fixture, plaster or metal wall torcheres, halogen lamps in niches.

Accessories: Modern: shiny, glossy, satin or steel towel bars, toilet, toothbrush holders and, glass, metal or a sleek blond wood planks, simple mirror, framed or steel / wood frame, plain white or colored towels.

Home Decorating Tip: Find a few pictures and in depth home decorating ideas that will help you make your home beautiful as it is the envy of all your friends and family!

Bath Panel Installation thoughts

Bath Panel Installation thoughts

Thoughts on preparation for bathroom remodeling.

Tiling is made right after the pipe installation, the installation of the bath tub and the door. If the bath panel is finished with tiles, this bath panel may provide a route for the bath water to drain. But it is more preferred to a removable panel to make magnetic fasteners (rather strong and not less than four pieces of them).

If plumbing is in the room already, it should be covered with respect to sheets, cardboard, etc. The bath is usually covered with plywood (12-18 mm) or a wallpaper board structure, to protect against accidental fall of rubbish. If the floor has been tiled, it is necessary to cover it, too. It is better to use a wet cloth with you for cleaning dirty hands or tiles.

Seam size (between the tiles) depends on the tile quality (edge roughness) and aesthetic needs. Seams are usually 1.6 to 3 mm wide for large format ceramic tiles. Using tiles incorporating pegs helps you to maintain distance, even between the tiles. Do not tile the whole wall in one day, as it should have time to develop a strong position on the wall.

If you are planning several additional decorative details such as the use of borders or entering the tile patterns, it is important to define the place on the wall for these. For the finishing of the outer and inner corners special plastic beads can be applied. They make corners look more attractive. Flexible bars ensure a perfect match with wall and floor tiles. When buying plastic corner bars, one should select it so that the groove size would exceed the tile thickness.

Installation of new walls can be a challenge whether they be brick, moisture-resistant gypsum plaster, concrete or foam. Control of ventilation is important. Wire bonding, water and sewage pipes layout should be thought of. Replacing the towel rail is also a thought. Set individual valves on hot water, the flush tank and a washing machine. Installation of false ceiling with built-in fixture. Waterproof coating. Plastering. Wall tiling. Installation of the bath. Installation of bathroom equipment. Tiled floor. That is all. At this point in the bathroom renovation is finished.

For a small bathroom, it is possible to opt for the specially developed programs, mini sanitary items used when there is less space. There is a special doll effect where everything seems larger compared with the reduced objects in these bathrooms.

Tiles should be strictly vertical hardened, all blocks must be located at the same level. Suspended or sinking of one block relative to another edge is visually unbearable. There should be no voids under the tile blocks. Space between the tiles should be the same everywhere. The tile joints should fit together and form a straight line (strictly on the level). Tile patterns must be aligned. Space between the tiles should be properly encapsulated.

Bathroom Tiles Allow You To Speedily Refurbish The Bathroom

We know that adding in a new bath panel can give a great new look to a tired older bathroom. Elegance at low cost. Did you know that you can also achieve a great new, modern look with a new set of bathroom tiles.

If you need your bathroom to be exceptionally pretty you needn’t be a wealthy family. All you need is the persistence to select the right material for a set of bathroom tiles. There are countless bathroom tiles out there you may get bewildered since there are several choices over what to select and what to not choose. If you go to a near by tiles showroom the shopkeeper can counsel you on the choices however finally you must make your selection dependent upon your tastes.

Limestone tiles are a very popular choice for bath room expanses. These are a perfect material for bathrooms for many reasons. Trip immune features probably are the leading one among the many grounds for their popularity. This tile endures for years under any temperature, low or high. So, clients need not to worry concerning the harm that might arise due to extreme high or low temperatures. Besides, they’re extremely immune to water and dust which makes cleansing simpler. But, Limestone tiles don’t seem to be good at withstanding small-scale marks.

In excessive traffic areas Granite tiles are very useful. These materials aren’t vulnerable to scratches that often takes away the appeal. Like limestone they do have waterproof properties however are little more expensive than other tiles. Even if it comes at a better cost they’re favored over some other tiles as a result of their terrific splendor and elegance. Even though, fitting them all over your bathroom is probably not a possible concept for many who are conscious of their budget. In case your budget isn’t a constraint you might bring amazing effects to your bathroom with Granite tiles in the bath room.

Ceramic is a very good choice for a bathroom tile aside from Granite and Limestone. Porcelain is an improved kind of Ceramic tile which is much better than traditional Ceramic. Fitting these tiles will allow you employ tiled areas in any of the ways you need. Furthermore, the variability of tile designs found in Ceramic is certain to amaze you. Their incredible collection of tile patterns will enable you to have a stylish or basic interior what ever is your choice. Among the big assortments of designs accessible you are certain to discover one design that delights you.

If you’re experimental you may perhaps combine plus match diverse sorts of Ceramic bathroom tiles and produce a singular fashion for your home. With a large range of colourful designs you will unquestionably get complimented by visitors after they see your new bath room. So, you’ve a lot of choice for tiles in the bathroom that can’t solely make the bathroom an astounding place to pass time but will carry a lot of awe out of your guests and compliment that new bath panel you installed last week!

Bathroom Wear and Tear

Bathroom Wear and Tear

Bathroom Wear and Tear could cost more than money if you do not think ahead. Is damage in your bathroom wasting resources, wasting energy? Can all those little things really count when you check the bills? If you talk about the continued use , accidental damage, and redecorating – its a very big yes! I stay in a small house at the moment and they have made a few big mistakes in the bathroom, which could save them a lot of time, money and resources in the long term, the planets resources!

Mindful of this waste I know that different people have different lifestyles and ethics. Some are wasteful some want to be green.Somey make it quite acceptable to waste products and damage the bathroom equipment and the bathroom in general.

Here is a general summary of the worst offenders:

1) no handle in the bath

They opted for the half-bath here to reduce the amount of water (as they can provide a full-size one easily) – However, it has no handles.

Now all I am still flexible enough to get in and out of the bath without them – I am causing a wet mess in the process! Im on the side of the bath panel to hold myself steady or myself to get out – with the result that all the water from my hands and arms is sliding over the edge of the bath, the front of the wooden bath panel and behind the wooden skirting that encircles the entire bathroom.

Needless to say, this has continued to dampen the bathroom and to cause damage. The bath panel has become soakedand has to be replaced. Unless, like me – everyone who stays here is drying out, standing in the bath to prevent the drops!

2) no window to the outside of the bathroom

As always, no window in this very moist environment means that there is a need for an electric fan running all the time you are in – wasting energy.

They are very ineffective, I think, over time, so the whole room will be susceptible to moisture and mold growth. And to the best results of the fan, this means that the door to the bathroom must be kept closed all the time – Sealing in the moisture.

This room has also a light on all the time otherwise the fan does not function (as they always seem connected). This also means that if you do not have a bath or the room is not humid, say you need the toilet to use for something else – you need the fan on so well! What if you just have to nip in to brush your teeth, or your nail clippers – on comes the fan is 5 minutes!

A simple window would eliminate this waste of energy and make the whole place lighter, drier and fresher. I mean what more creates damage than a damp, dark, small, closed room?

3) good ventilation sealing

The floor is tiled, but the wooden plinth is not – there is no waterproofing the floor for cleaning purposes. I know it is not a complete wetroom, but when you tile walls, you wet the wood panels and the excess water seeps down behind them and the floor – not a good idea actually.

Why not use tiles as the plinth, so you virtually waterproof the room using the same format as the floor and so the walls and under ground to protect from absorbing moisture.

The same comment applies to the sink. Why not a sink with an increased protective back a little away from the wall. So, instead of the white sealant between the wall and sink with a layer of soap or toothpaste-filled water lying there and eventually becoming yellow and rot or mold – the sink itself is one piece, so the excess water feeds back into the sink and down the drain!

It will eliminate all of the above problems and reducing the amount of cleaning and maintenance would cost next to nothing. Or refer to this site

Tips for selecting a new Bath

Tips for selecting a new Bath

Options incorporate iron bathtubs cast iron bathtubs, and even antique baths.

Some are very valuable. If you decide that you replace your old cast iron tub, you should get in touch with a dealer and get a quote – you do not want to place a very valuable bath in the skip for someone else to take and the profits of that! Antique cast iron bathtubs are still very popular today, and many people choose to keep bathing it them, just getting a company to come out and re-enamel them when they are worn. Some companies want to do this work on their own ground, but some do come to your home and spray them in your bathroom.

Do you want a reproduction or even a restored antique cast iron bathtub to buy, there are specialized players around. Be warned however, that even if they are old, or second-hand they will probably still be expensive. Also warned that the cast iron tubs are very heavy and it would take at least two people (ideally 3 people) to lift up the stairs to your bathroom. They also need a little extra care to maintain, especially keeping it clean.

Man-Made bathtubs are low maintenance and low cost.

Today, most baths are made of acrylic, pure Gass-formed plastic or enameled pressed steel. The acrylic and plastic baths installation could be performed by a single person because they are very light, but of course very solid and durable. However, the steel bath would probably have to be carried by two people.

You must be careful not to use abrasives or bleach on your plastic or acrylic bath and bath panel as some of the surfaces of the bath are harmed by these chemicals.

Because these types of bathtubs are made of flexible materials such as plastic / acrylic, they can be made to more specific designs. You also have the choice of a matching bath panel, taps at the back, front, corner or side, and probably a choice of any color you can imagine. On this day, the trend seems white but it will change.

Corner bathtubs

Corner baths are very popular at the moment with smaller flats and homes. People want a little different look than getting the standard rectangular bath but need to consider where the bath is to be installed. Too many people think that corner bathtubs save on space. This is actually not true. A corner bath surprisingly takes more area than a rectangular bath of the same capacity. It is because the bath is running in a corner in the room and takes up less space flat on the wall.

Therefore, as a bath takes up less space on the wall, you can then use this space for shelves, a radiator or a modern bathroom radiator fit. You could even use the extra space for a stand-alone shower beside the pool.

If you have the space corner baths come in all colors and varieties of shapes and sizes. Choosing different styles of faucets for the look of your room and bath supplements are also very flexible, be it a Victorian feel, or a modern look. You can change the look of your bathroom by simply taps you choose.

Rectangular baths.

Although some people today opt for the corner bath design, a rectangular bath is still the most popular because it is the most economical design and will fit any style of bathroom. Rectangular baths can be purchased in various lengths to suit your needs. Lengths vary from 1.5 to 1.8 m in length, with from 700 to 800mm wide.

Rounded bathtubs

If you have a very large bathroom, then a certain wow factor would be to install a round bath and stand back. A round bath in the center of a large bathroom is an impressive part of the overall layout of the room but is takes a lot of space and there are not many bath panels available. For obvious reasons, a round bath is impossible / impractical in smaller bathrooms, but if you have the space – than go for it!

Decorating Ideas for Apartment Bathrooms

Decorating Ideas for Apartment Bathrooms

To be sleek and functional, a bathroom apartment is designed to cope with limited space and a busy life and needs to fill several needs. Choose simple shapes and shiny surfaces smoothed for a modern look.

Creating a stylish, easy to maintain look in a small bathroom space is a common problem for many people, especially for city dwellers, where space is at a premium. The latest bath room designs are totally focused on using the most up-to-date technology to these needs, with high-tech tools steel, streamlined ceramics, and tough, durable surfaces. Decorative details are a luxury – texture is more important . Highlighting the difference between matte and shiny, and rough and smooth surfaces. The contrasts of steel, granite, wood, tiles and glass create enough interest, combined with rugged, industrial materials like concrete, glass bricks, and studded rubber floors.

The apartment bathroom is a good place to experiment with color, as the areas covered are not great, and are generally seen only for short periods. Try unusual color combinations used in flat blocks instead of decorative patterns, or keep to cool, clinical white and steel, with small puddles of concentrated color by towels and accessories like the bath panel.

Aim for a simple, functional look, with sharp, straight edges trimmed with sleek curves. If youre starting from scratch, plan the layout carefully for maximum space. You might even consider waiving the benefit of a bath in a spacious shower room with a folding chair.

Door and window frames are perfect, plain and boxy, with a flush door and sleek furnishings. If you have a window, consider fitting frosted panes to reduce the need for another window treatment.

Walls are either tiled or painted best in a flat eggshell finish latex or vinyl. Plain white or colored ceramic tiles are inexpensive and fit the look, like the small mosaic tiles. For a bolder look, use plain tiles in an unusual color – maybe lilac or lemon. Granite, marble, sandstone or slate tiles have a suitable apartment-like look and establish satisfying contrast with shiny steel and soft fluffy towels.

For a serious industrial look, cover the bath panel or doors in galvanized tin or aluminum, or experiment with metallic paint on wood for a similar look – a copper, bronze or silver color would look to change wardrobes louvre or existing furniture.

For the floor, choose ceramic tiles or sealed woods trip or cork for a warmer feeling on bare feet, linoleum or vinyl in plain or marbled effect the look, or investigate suit hard floors covered with rubber, which is available in a wide range of colors.

The evolution of bathroom furniture

The evolution of bathroom furniture

Make this your best bathroom ever. The vast windowless bathroom is a tribute to modern design, stone, steel, ceramic and wood combine in exciting ways to stimulate the sense of touch. The rough stone tiles warm feet thanks to invisible floor heating. The far wall is a double sink set-up, mounted on a large, smooth wooden surface at the waste pipe and tails are beautifully highlighted in a polished chrome. Is this your bathroom?

In this well formed bathroom the wall design allows the floor to open lower, making the already huge great room feel warm. The wood used for the striking surface is then repeated on the wall and the rest of the bathroom. Many pedestals hang loose, housing clean towels, luxury bath oils and shower gels. Following the units lower down the eye is taken on a trip around the room to the bath panel. The bath panel is made of the same dense, heavy, smooth wooden material. The future of bathroom furniture is here and it is sleek, bold and cool! Can you see it?

Bathroom furniture is no longer used to cram as much storage space in your bathroom as possible, as with all aspects of contemporary trends, it is about choosing beautiful, practical important items and using them in a beautiful and effective way. Being a bit smart about what you really need to store in the bathroom, you can open up your bathroom in ways you never previously imagined. Available in fully coordinated series and a huge collection of sizes you can dream to create configured with free moving drawers, under sink counters, both wall and floor standing, high wall hung cupboard units, slatted towel holders, hidden bath panel storage areas and stunning mirrored closets.

Leading the way in terms of design, bathroom manufacturers are continually changing the rules. Taking the idea of a bath panel used for bathroom storage and combining them with modern styles, making it a feat of design and engineering. Seeing the potential of design combining form and function are the works of famous designers in the world,

To avoid being left behind many manufacturers (under the leadership of top designers) have their own range of modular and fitted furniture. This allows you the freedom to choose any aspect of the furniture line. Both wood and colors can be used to great effect. All sizes, surfaces (stone and wood effects are available), styles and even the design and size of the door handles!

Sometimes the restriction of space we are dealing with may restrict what we feel we can fit in our bathroom, but the new wave of bathroom furniture is also about creating space. Restrictions such as copper pipes are no longer an issue like this can now be strengthened and leaving the area below the surface completely open, creating a feeling of space in any size bathroom. One or two cleverly chosen wall hung cabinets or pedestals and a new storage laiden bath panel will provide a fresh and open look to even the smallest room.

With all the possibilities and combinations to choose your new bathroom can be fresh, bold and functional, select your key pieces and enjoy the beauty of clutter-free, effortlessly stylish and practical bathroom giving incredible pleasure.

Tips on How to Make Your Own Beautiful Bathroom part 1

Tips on How to Make Your Own Beautiful Bathroom part 1

To create a glamorous bathroom is the ultimate luxury in a house. Go all-out or opt for a more reduced down, modern approach. The beautiful thing about bathrooms is that they are a great place to escape, but you do not have to be there all day. This means that you can use your bathroom and make it bolder than you might be in the rest of the house design, and it is the perfect place to go for the full-on glamor treatment. A nice bath, wiyh carefully selected tactile surfaces, smart lighting and opulent accessories can all help a bathroom fit for a god make. And the good news is that the glamorous shapes and finishes are right to hand on the high street. If you stay in a beautiful boutique hotel, one of the first things you do is to enter and treat yourself in the bathroom. Why not allow this relaxation in your home, every day of the week?

So whether you are lucky enough to a large bathroom (and budget to adjust it), or if the resources and space is limited, we have a lot of ways you can develop your bath room to decorate it and make it the most beautiful room in the house

Fixtures and Fittings

There is nothing more glamorous than a nice bath in the middle of the room. Even in a small space, a detached bath certainly ups the wow factor. Choose a reclaimed roll top or a carved stone bath. Incorporate a modern bath panel for a modern version. Composite materials are popular in the bathroom. The bonus is that they have a warmer, more solid feel than other artificial materials. Panel your bath with a modern bath panel for a difference

If a freestanding bath is not an option, there are many other ways to use your bath to delight the eye. There is a real return to bath panels these days. Ive seen buttoned panels incorporating thirties glamorous. A mirrored bath panel is an elegant alternative or try a striking wood bath panel with rich grain.

Enrich your bathroom with brassware, well chosen to work together and reflect on contemporary ceramics with traditional taps or vice versa for an eclectic look. Quality brassware is a simple way to add a design element. Matt platinum and gold taps give a luxurious feel and its right to think large and bold here. The key is to go with gold taps for a truly contemporary form.Another way to embrace the gold trend at low cost is copper if left unpainted.

Like choosing accessories, choose the direction of flow of water and consider spa-style, too. Waterfall taps dispense water into a soft, soothing and relaxing stream, and the Amazon rain-stylecan come to your bathroom. Always check the water pressure, because if it is low you may need a pump to use these bathroom accessories. So ask your plumber for advice. Insert a shower over a freestanding bath or, if space permits, a separate enclosure shower is a real plus. Hold everything with a minimal frameless shower screen and a low-level tray for a wet room feel for a fraction costs.

bed / bath areas

Another trend to continue with our thoughts, the contemporary bed bathroom – one bedroom / bathroom. Keeping things open plan gives a fantastic feeling of space and light, and clothing and toiletries to hand. If you choose a bath in your bedroom, youll probably need the convenience of a separate wardrobe. Alternatively, cover part of the bathing area with a partition or door.

surfaces and materials

The surfaces in your bathroom are key to creating a luxurious feel, and with so much material available, there is no excuse for blandness. Consider the royal colors. Red, purple, metallics, navy and even greens. Bling the bathroom with glittering mosaic. A fender bath panel or bath tiles, the wow factor is now introduced and is possible even on a modest budget with a small bathroom.